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an excellent work, well done. I got more then I asked, definitely recommended.
alexandrrro, Harvetech
Great communication and professional excellent results!
vchanee, Harvetech
As someone with only a nominal understanding of electronics, Harvetech helped me create a brand-new charging device for a small solar setup. I gave him my idea, he made it a reality. Excellent work, great communication, would (and hope to) order from again. Thanks Harvetech!
Riffster, Harvetech
Very talented engineers, excellent attention to detail. Harvetech is awesome, you can trust them to deliver quality results.
hellofuture83, Harvetech
Harvetech is a great seller of services in electronics and engineering and a reliable seller, very happy with his work and guys i strictly recommend to hire him :)
ashthass, Harvetech
Awesome. Harvetech definitely knows a lot how to program an ATmega32 with C and planing schematics. He programmed everything exactly how I needed it and gave me a lot of advice. Simply perfect.
subi2150, Harvetech
Harvetech designed an efficient and practical layout which will work well for my project. Great communication and quick to make a couple of minor corrections as needed. Very happy with the final product and looking forward to putting it to use!
bwv1048, Harvetech